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Septic System Pumps

It is sometimes the case that a home's septic drain field will not be able to placed down hill from the septic tank. In these cases, your septic system might need a septic pump. Many people have a septic pump as part of their septic system without even knowing it. A septic pump is contained in a separate tank that is close to your septic tank. The pump works by collecting all of the access water from your septic tank and pumping it through pipes to your drain field. If you have a septic pump, it is likely that it's tank will have risers on it that come up to the surface of your yard and are capped with a large round lid. Septic pumps make it possible for many septic systems to work smoothly but they can break and cause havoc if they are not working properly. Here at Firehouse Septic, we specialize in the repair and replacement of septic pumps. So, if you are in Fayette or Coweta County and suspect that something may be wrong with your septic pump, give us a call!

Septic Pump

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