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Firehouse Septic does not do drain field installation but we do want to stress the importance of finding the right company to help you with your drain field. 


Drain Field Installation in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Senoia– If you live in a rural area or far away from a sewage treatment plant, then you are going to need a septic system, and that includes a drain field. If your drain field is not installed correctly then you are in for a catastrophic failure. Firehouse Septic does install new drain fields. Many other companies will come out and immediately try to sell you a new drain field before trying other routes to fix your system. Drain fields can be very costly so we always try to find other solutions before reverting to replace the drain field. 

 The first step in installing a new drain field ore replacing a drain field is to contact either Fayette or Coweta county environmental health offices and obtain a permit.  County officials will want to examine the property and come up with a drain field plan that will work for decades to come. Once the plan is in place the next step is to dig your trenches.  They will need to be 2 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet deep depending upon the soil. The number of pipes needed will depend on the size of the septic tank. Once the trenches are dug they will need to be filled part way with gravel to help absorb the waste. 


The length of the drain field will be determined by the county and will be based on the soil peculation rate and the average estimated water use of the home. The average septic system flows using gravity, however more advanced systems use an electric pump to move waste out of the tank and through the drain field.  In fact these systems are extremely common in Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville.

Drain field installation is an extremely important part of a septic system. Without efficient drainage your tank can back up and lead to severe problems. You should always choose a reputable professional to install your drain field.  If a novice installs your drain field there is a high risk to the environment and to your family’s health.  Installing a drain field involves heavy equipment to bring in the materials and to do the work.  Make sure the company you hire has the necessary experience.  When done correctly a septic system can be a great way for a homeowner to treat their waste, but the drain field must be done correctly.

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