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Don't Call the ADs

Let’s talk about Google Ads. We have all seen them when searching Google for local companies or services. They pop up right on top of our search results making them pretty tempting to click. One might think they represent the best of the best for what he or she is searching because they are on top of the results list. However, that is not the case in most scenarios. You may or may not know that these ads are paid for by businesses in hopes that their company gets more visibility on the popular search engine. Unfortunately, this opportunity is often times seized by companies who are less than reputable and may not deserve to be at the top of the search results. It’s also often the case that these companies are big corporations who are not local. Frequently, they will quote you a low initial price to get hired but later, after they have started the job, find ways to up their charge to an exorbitant amount.

So, how should you search and where should you look on Google in order to find the best company? First, we suggest making your search specific to your area. If you are searching for a septic company and you live in Tyrone, try searching “Septic company near me”, “septic company in Tyrone, GA”, or “Septic company in Fayette County, GA.” Once your search loads the results, scroll down until you see the map like the one picture below. Everything above the map is usually an ad and should be skipped.

Once you reach the map, there should be a list of companies below. The first 1-3 may be an ad. If it is an ad, it will be indicated next to the name. If you look at the above picture, the ad is circled. We suggest skipping all of the ads and looking at the companies listed below. From there, important things to consider and check out are the company’s reviews and their website. Both of those things can give you really good insight on the type of service you will receive from the company. Once you determine which companies to call, trust your instinct after talking to them and remember cheaper doesn’t always mean better and it doesn’t always mean cheaper. We hope this post helps you pick the perfect company for all of your septic needs.

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