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Whether you live in Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Senoia, Fayetteville, or Peachtree City septic cleaning is the same thing as septic pumping. Don’t let any other septic company or person tell you otherwise.


Septic tank cleaning is the exact same thing as septic tank pumping. These two septic terms are used interchangeably. On average, a septic owner should be getting their septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. However, there are things a responsible septic system owner can do in between septic pumping / cleanings to prolong the time in between pumps. 

  • DO NOT pour grease down your sink! Grease will not make it through your septic pipes and will end up clogging them to the point where you septic will back up. At a job in Tyrone, Firehouse Septic unclogged a pipe with a grease clog as wide as a dollar bill. You can imagine how that makes it hard for water and other waste to make it through the pipes into your tank. We recommend soaking up the grease on your pans with paper towels or pouring the access grease into a disposable container before washing your pans in the sink. 

  • ONLY put toilet paper and waste in the toilet. The toilet is not a trash can and nothing else should be flushed down it. Things like sanitary napkins, baby wipes, tampons, condoms, coffee grounds, etc do not break down like toilet paper or waste and end up filling your septic tank a lot more quickly. Here at Firehouse Septic we even recommend staying away from the flushable wipes if you are on a septic system. 

  • HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Chemicals such as bleach, motor oil, poison for bugs or rats, do not belong in your toilets or down your drains. These chemicals have a tendency of killing the good bacteria that helps break down your septic waste. Also, when you pour them down your drains, they eventually end up in your yard, which you do not want. 

  • In conclusion, you should be getting your septic tank pumped every 3 – 5 years and to help that number stay regular, make sure to only put appropriate items down your drains. However, if you live in Sharpsburg, Senoia, Tyrone, Peachtree City, or Fayetteville and do get a clog or you back up before you are supposed to, give Firehouse Septic a call and they will come out to help solve your septic problems!

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