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Common Repairs You May Need for Your Septic System

If you live in Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Senoia, Peachtree City, or Fayetteville and have a septic system this information applies to you! For those of us who have a septic system, it is a very important often not thought of part of your home. It is the key way that wastewater and sewage is removed from your home! That is why it is so important to keep it in good repair so it continues to work at max efficiency. With your septic tank working at its finest, you can feel assured that the risk of exposure to bacteria and waste solids is kept low.

Occasionally, septic systems will need repairs beyond the regular pump out, although if you pump and maintain it regularly, the risk of costly repairs decreases. If you  are in Fayette or Coweta County, GA and feel like you just got your septic tank pumped not long ago and it is backing up again, please give Firehouse Septic a call so we can diagnose the problem and preform a repair if necessary. It is important to call a professional for repairs as they may require permits and if it is mishandled, it could increase the risk of sewage backing up into your house. 

Here are some common septic system repairs,

  • Emergency Tank Pumping: In this part of GA (Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Senioa, etc..) we tend to get a lot of rain as of late. Sometimes, all of the rain saturates the drain field so much that it can hold no more water. In this case, the septic tank tends to fill up quickly and back up (even though you may have just had it pumped). If this happens, it is important to get the tank pumped immediately so wasted does not back up into your house. Another instance that may call for emergency pumping is because the level of sludge at the bottom of the tank has risen just enough to cover the inlet and outlet lines. In this case, the sewage could end up backing up into the house or out into the drainage field which would then seep up into your yard. In either case, call Firehouse Septic for you emergency pumps!

  • Fixing Drainfield Piping: When we bury lines in the ground, there is always risk of those lines shifting and breaking due to the ground shifting or tree roots growing through them. With the septic drainfield, there are lines that go from the septic tank to the drainfield. As with anything buried, these lines can be damaged over time by natural causes. If this happens, it can cause severe problems with your septic system. Sometimes these problems can be hard to diagnose, but Firehouse Septic prides themselves on not giving up on finding the exact cause of your problems and fixing it! They are always happy to help their fellow neighbors in Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Senoia, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville. 

  • Replacing Broken Septic Baffles: Here at Firehouse Septic, we know that to many people, the workings of their septic tank are foreign. That is why we always explain in detail what needs to be done and how we are going to do it. A septic tank baffle may be a term you have never heard of before so let us explain what it is and what purpose it has. A  septic tank baffle is what prevents the solid waste from leaving the tank and going into the drainfield. The baffles suffer from regular wear and tear just like any other tool and can become damages due to sulfuric acid or rust. If this happens, a professional will need to be called in to replace them. It is very important to replace baffles when needed. Otherwise, it could lead into damaging your drainfield which is a much bigger and pricier endeavor! 


At Firehouse Septic, we handle a full range of services for septic systems, from maintenance to repairs. We pride ourselves in diagnosing your problems correctly. Some other companies, might jump to the conclusion that it is your drainfield that is the issue because its the priciest to repair. However, here at Firehouse Septic, we try to make replacing the drainfield the last resort and start by checking all of the aforementioned pieces first. If you are in Tyrone, Sharpsburg, Senoia, Peachtree City, or Fayetteville and are having problems with your septic system, please call us so we can help get you up and running efficiently again!

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