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Septic Professionals Paid by Commission?

Are the septic professionals you hired paid by commission? This is a very important question to ask when choosing the septic company you plan to use. For most people, the intricacies of their septic system are a mystery and they would not be able to explain the parts or how it works. This is why it is so important to hire a septic company you can trust to be honest about what needs to be done to your septic system. Septic companies that pay their employees through commission are giving their employees motivation to be dishonest about the amount of work that needs to be done on a septic system.

For example, Joe from septic company A goes out to a house in Fayette County Ga that needs the septic tank pumped. Joe digs up the tank and sees that it is in good condition and really only needs to be pumped. However, Joe also knows that a sole pump out will only make him x amount of dollars and the holidays are coming up and he could use the extra money. Therefore, Joe tells the home owners that their baffle needs to be rep

aired which is a much more lucrative job for Joe. The homeowners are not aware of how a baffle should look so they agree to repair it and pay Joe the money. Although the homeowners are happy with the service, they have been unknowingly duped into paying much more for an unnecessary service on their septic tank.

Here at Firehouse Septic, we are a small company who does not pay by commission. We hold customer service and honesty to the highest regard. We will never talk a customer into a more expensive service just to make a higher profit.

If you are located in Fayette County Ga or Coweta County Ga, give us a call at 770-616-3838 for all of your septic needs. If you choose to use Firehouse Septic, know that you will receive honest quality work.

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