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Avoid the Scam



Many people find the septic company that they are going to use through google. Scammers and rip off companies are keenly aware of this. After a person searches septic companies in their area, results at the top will say things like, “SEPTIC CLEANING $150” OR “SEPTIC PUMPING $225,” this is the BAIT. No legitimate company that we are aware of will pump a 1000 gallon (most common) tank for that price. This low price, BAIT advertisement is simply to get you to call a rip off company and allow them on your property. These companies will typically arrive at your home, dig up the tank, and pump the tank with no more discussion about price. After the job is done they will hand homeowners a bill for a considerably larger amount, frequently over $1000. This is called the switch. The consumer has taken the company’s BAIT of a $150 pump and now the company has switched the price at the last minute to complete the scam. You may find additional charges on the bill for ridiculous charges such as:

  • Using additional hoses

  • Digging up the Tank

  • Aerating the Tank

  • Water level above normal

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Charging Extra for More Than 1 Foot of Water

  • Ways To Avoid The Scam:

  • Use a reputable company like Firehouse Septic

  • Ask the company for a Quote for the entire job up front

  • Ask the company to put the quote in WRITING before starting

  • Place a review on google or facebook to let others know about your experience

Don't Get Ripped Off by Other

Septic Companies in Coweta and Fayette County


Here is an example of one of our competitor’s “bait and switch” scams. As you can see at the top of the receipt, they told the customer the initial price for pumping was $300. However, after adding upcharges for excessive water, excessive sludge, digging, and numerous other bogus charges, the total bill presented to the customer without their consent was $1200. For this same service, Firehouse Septic would have charged $525


Here is another example of one of our competitor’s “bait and switch” scams. As you can see for a simple pump and repair, they charged $2,250 which includes a $900 tractor fee. For the same service, Firehouse Septic would have charged $875. 

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