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Septic Pumping in Sharpsburg, GA

One of the areas that Firehouse Septic services is Sharpsburg, GA. Sharpsburg was founded in 1825 by Judge Elias Sharp. It began as a small half mile wide cotton farming town. Like many places in America the first waste disposal systems were outhouses. However, this crude elementary system did not actually filter waste. Septic tanks and septic systems were developed in France in the late 1800’s, but did not become a fixture in America until the 1940’s. 

However, as far as anyone knows, the first Septic Tank came to Sharpsburg in 1952. It was made of steel and clay pipes. These original septic systems in Sharpsburg were very rudimentary but did serve the purpose of eliminating waste without creating a health hazard to the general public. These systems were later replaced with more efficient and more cost effective septic systems. Today, Sharpsburg consists of one hundred percent homes with septic tank systems. Currently, the Coweta County environmental health department regulates all Sharpsburg, GA septic systems. Every new septic system, replacement septic system, new septic tank installation, or new septic drain field installation must be approved by the Coweta County environmental health department. Firehouse Septic is a state and county certified for septic tank installation, septic tank maintenance, septic tank pumping, and septic tank repairs. 


Like most of Georgia, Sharpsburg’s soil consists mostly of clay. The poor absorption rate of the Sharpsburg clay, makes septic tanks and septic systems difficult to install. The Septic djainfield in Sharpsburg usually needs to be about three feet underground. A typical septic tank in Sharpsburg is made of concrete and can hold 1000 gallons. Firehouse Septic specializes in all Septic Tank issues in Sharpsburg, GA, from basic septic pumping, to septic pump replacements, as well as other septic system repairs. 

Here is a link to the Sharpsburg Environmental Health Department: click here

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