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There can be several reasons that a septic system in Fayette County and Coweta County can fail. Poor planning by the septic installer is the number one reason that a septic system can fail. All throughout Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Senoia, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, and Newnan, the majority of septic systems are installed with the drain field consisting of a singular linear underground zig zagging pattern. This is done because it is the easiest and cheapest installation process for the Septic installation company. However, unless the terrain dictates this type of installation, it is a poor choice. If any portion of the linear djainfield becomes clogged or blocked then the remaining portion will become inaccessible for septic waste or virtually useless.

However, there is a much more intelligent way to install a Septic System drain field. If the Septic System were designed correctly it would leave the septic tank and go into a distribution box. From this box the system would then split off in multiple directions to give the system the appropriate linear feet necessary to drain properly for the home. Each one of these drain field lines should connect back into each other on the back end of the system. This will make sure that if there is a clog or Septic Blockage at some point in the Septic System the waste will still be able to access the entire drain field from another direction. This type of Septic System is considerably more efficient than the typical system installed in local jurisdictions such as Senoia, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Newnan, Fayetteville, and Peachtree City. The drawing below will help you understand what a proper system looks like.

Not every home in Fayette County and Coweta County has the necessary available yard with the appropriate topography for the ideal septic system. However, most Septic Companies around never even consider installing anything other than a single inferior drain field line. Septic Systems are too expensive and too important to not be installed correctly and like most things, it is much easier to install a drain field correctly the first time rather than trying to fix it later. Firehouse Septic will always be happy to give every customer a free drain field review as well as to provide future drain field advice.

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