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Utility Lines and Septic

Utility lines are always a concern when pumping a septic tank. In Peachtree City, Tyrone, Newnan, Fayetteville, Senoia, and Sharpsburg septic tanks are buried underground. Any time these septic tanks have to be dug up to pump there is a chance that an underground utility may be struck. This is why Firehouse Septic always follows Georgia law by contacting 811 to have all utility lines marked prior to digging. This helps to avoid damaging cable, gas, power, and phone lines when pumping the septic tank. However, any other utility such as water lines, sprinkler lines, French drains or landscape lighting is considered a private utility and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Water lines are the largest concern when pumping a septic tank in Fayette County or Coweta County. There is no law requiring the company installing a water line to locate the septic tank prior to installation or even to avoid placing the water line directly over the septic tank. Firehouse Septic has found many situations where a water line has been placed directly over a septic tank lid and has been struck while pumping a septic tank. There is no tool or method to locate exactly where a water line is buried if the homeowner does not know. The water line is typically ran directly from the water meter to a location under the house. However, the homeowner may not know where that location is.

Sprinkler lines are a concern when digging as well. Sprinkler companies are typically the last company to install their product when a house is being built. The sprinkler lines cannot be marked by 811 much like the water line. However, if a home has a sprinkler system the sprinkler lines are typically buried all over the yard with no rhyme or reason and cannot be located based on the sprinkler heads. These lines are like a mine field for anyone digging in the yard.

The most important thing to do is to know where your septic tank is located and how to access it. If you decide to have anything installed after the tank is in place be very cautious of blocking this access. If you are unsure give Firehouse Septic a call and we can come locate your tank for you in order to save you a headache in the future when pumping your septic tank.

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