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Septic Pumping in Senoia, GA

Settlers migrated to the Senoia area in 1827 during the fifth land lottery. The two hundred two acres that is present day Senoia was received by Gerrald M Veal. At this point Senoia was a mainly agricultural town and septic tanks and septic systems were not used yet. Most landowners simply used outhouses. In 1864 the land was sold off to others and renamed Senoia. After the Civil War the Savannah, Griffin, and Alabama railroad was finished and came right through Senoia. This is when Senoia became a city. However, waste eliminating systems like septic systems or septic tanks were still not believed to be necessary. It was not until the early 1940’s when septic systems were beginning to be installed in the rural United States, including Senoia, Georgia. 

Modern day Senoia is experiencing a population and housing boom. Approximately ninety-five percent of these new homes built in Senoia include a septic system and will require septic pumping and septic maintenance. These septic systems are permitted and approved by the Coweta County department of Environmental Health ( This department along with the state are the governing body for all septic pumping companies and septic installation companies, they preview and inspect all new septic systems, septic tanks, septic system repairs, and set the rules for septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning in Coweta County. Senoia, Georgia is one of Firehouse Septic’s primary septic service and septic pumping areas. Firehouse Septic has hundreds of satisfied septic customers who reside in Senoia. Firehouse Septic specializes in pumping septic tanks and cleaning septic tanks in Senoia, Georgia. We work closely with the Environmental Protection Agency ( and the Coweta County Environmental health department to make sure all of our septic jobs are done properly and to code. 


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