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Septic Pumping in Peachtree City, GA

The area that is now considered Peachtree City Ga was settled by the woodland Era Indians more than 10,000 years ago. In 1821 Chief McIntosh gave all of the tribe’s land to the United States Federal Government. During the 1950’s developers purchased 12,000 acres in Fayette County GA to develop what is now Peachtree City GA.

            In the early developing years of Peachtree City GA most of the homes contained Septic Tanks and Septic Tank Systems.  As time went by and more and more Septic Systems were installed in Peachtree City GA. However, as more businesses were established in Peachtree City GA, Septic Systems and Drain fields were not enough. Peachtree City GA officials began installing a city wide sewage system to replace commercial Septic Systems.  From this point on most homes in Peachtree City GA were built and tied directly into this city sewage system instead of a Septic System.  However, some of the more recent homes in Peachtree City GA are not connected into the sewage system and still rely upon the Septic Tank and Septic System. Some of the older homes in Peachtree City GA that were initially set up on Septic Systems and contained Septic Tanks were given the option to tie into this new sewage systems. Most of these Peachtree City GA homes have decided to do this when their Septic Systems fail and they are in need of a new Drain Field.

            Because modern day Peachtree City GA is so densely populated it is inexpensive to connect homes and businesses into a sewage system. However, for the homes in Peachtree City GA that are still fairly far apart or for the older homes there is still a need for Septic Systems, including Septic Tanks and drain fields.  If you live in Peachtree City GA and have a Septic System that needs service or maintenance give Firehouse Septic a call. 770-616-3838

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