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Firehouse Septic Company Blog

Firehouse Septic Blog:

Do you have a question about your Septic System? Ever wonder what kind of toilet paper is best to use on a Septic System? Do you ever feel confused on exactly how your Septic System works? Do you have another tank in your yard that you have no idea what it does? Do you have a white pipe sticking up in your yard that seems to have no purpose at all? Do you know how often your septic tank should be pumped? Do you know how long it has been since you last got your septic tank pumped? Do you know what to do if you are buying or selling a home on a septic system? 

We try to answer these questions and as many questions that you might have about your Septic System here on our septic blog. With each blog entry, we will cover a new topic that we think may be confusing or just overlooked by many septic system owners. If you own a house that is on a septic system, it is very important to be informed on how it works, where it is located, and on all of the parts your system might have. Being an informed owner, can make maintenance and repair easier and can make back ups less likely. It can also avoid future problems with your septic tank. Please read through our current posts and check back often to keep yourself up to date on your septic system. 

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