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Firehouse Septic Pricing

Here at Firehouse Septic we try to keep our prices fair, upfront, competitive. When we say fair we mean that we base our prices on both what the job costs and what we believe it is worth without overcharging and ripping our customer's off. When we say upfront, we mean the price we tell you over and phone or in person before we start working is the price we will charge for that job. Some other companies, will quote a low price on the phone just to up charge when they get there for things such as using extra hose, excessive solids, or having to dig further down or more than expected. In these cases, the price you get on the phone may be lower than what Firehouse Septic quotes you but the price you end up paying could actually be much higher. So when we say we like to keep our prices competitive we do not necessarily mean that we will be the cheapest company you can find but we do mean that we offer quality work at a reasonable price. 

We post our prices online because we believe in transparency. The pumping prices are given in a range which varies from several different factors.

Here is a list of prices for the most common septic services:

Septic Pumping / Cleaning for a 1000 gallon tank:    $350-$450


Septic Pumping / Cleaning for a 1500 gallon tank:    $425-$525


Septic Inspection and Letter for a 1000 gallon tank:  $125 (This is in addition to the $375 for pumping because we cannot inspect a tank without first pumping it out.)


Septic Inspection and Letter for a 1500 gallon tank:  $100 (This is in addition to the $450 for pumping because we cannot inspect a tank without  first pumping it out.)

We like to post our prices unlike other companies because we will not change our price. Other companies like to quote low prices and then raise them immediately for absurd reasons. In the end, you CANNOT trust a low advertised price for many other companies. Our prices are initially a little higher than others because we do not raise them after we get to a job and because we transfer all of the waste we collect to an approved, state certified processing facility that is environmentally friendly and conscience of protecting the environment.