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The Dangers Inside Your Tank

Many people may not know how dangerous it is inside of your septic tank. The material that goes into your septic has a bi product of gases both poisonous and non poisonous. The main component of the sewer gases in your septic tank is methane, which can be extremely dangerous in high concentrations. Other parts of the sewer gases are hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and even carbon monoxide. The mixture of this composition makes entering a septic tank one of the most dangerous things you can do. A report in 2007, showed more than 22,000 sanitation workers dying per year. Because of these dangers, it is so important to have the right equipment when working with Septic Systems. A homeowner should never try to work on their septic system by themselves. Nor should they in any circumstance enter their septic tank, whether it be their main tank, secondary tank, or pump tank. Septic professionals have special equipment that helps blow out the gases and keep the working environment more safe. You should always call a septic professional if you are having issues with your septic system. At Firehouse Septic, we pride ourselves on giving honest and fair service and will always put our customers first. If you are in Coweta or Fayette County and are experiencing septic issues, give us a call and let us help you.

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