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Septic System Parts

How your septic system works:

A typical septic system is composed of two main parts: the septic tank and the septic drain field (also called a leach field or a soil absorption field). All of the waste / water from your house gets sent through pipes to the septic tank. In the tank, the solids and all of the other waste sinks to the bottom while the water stays on top. In the tank, there are t-shaped pipes, called baffles, on both the inlet side and outlet side that help direct the waste and water in the direction it is supposed to go. The inlet side baffle directs the water and waste down into the tank preventing it from shooting across straight into the drain field pipes. The outlet baffle is there to take the water to the drain field when the levels rise high enough. The baffles are very important in keeping waste out of your drain field and helping with the longevity of your drain field and entire septic system. It is very important to have these inspected at each pump out and to maintain them properly.

There are additional parts to certain septic systems. A couple additional components include septic pumps and filters. Often times, septic pumps are installed when the drain field is not downhill from the septic pump. In this case, the water from the septic tank, is flowed through the baffles into the pump tank. From there, the pump pumps the waste water out into the drain field. If your septic system has a septic pump, it is also crucial to maintain and regularly inspect. The septic pump can be a pricey fix if it breaks. Septic filters are found in some septic tanks, they are found in the outlet baffle. Septic filters should be cleaned out at every pump out. At Firehouse Septic, we do not charge extra for cleaning out filters. We believe that this should be included in the pump out price. A lot of companies will either charge for cleaning out the filter or tell you that you need a new filter, which 99% of the time is untrue. Make sure to use an honest septic company to get the best service for the price you are paying.

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