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Plumbing or Septic?

Are you in Fayette or Coweta County and having an issue in your home that you can't decide if its a plumbing issue or a septic issue? There are a few things you can do to narrow down who to call. First, take note of when you last pumped your septic tank. Was it last month, a year ago, five years ago, or you can't remember? The longer its been since your last septic tank pump out, the more likely that the septic tank is your culprit. The next thing you should check is to see if that issue is localized to one sink / toilet / shower or is it in multiple drains. Also, one sign that it is most likely septic is if you flush one toilet and see gurgling in another.

Most of the time, you can get a pretty good feel of whether it is septic or pluming by doing the above mentioned things but other times it is harder to tell. In these cases, give Firehouse Septic a call and we will be happy to investigate further for you.

Septic Back Up

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