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Laundry and Septic.

Another day of no rain here in Fayette and Coweta counties. Another great day to do a maintenance septic pump. One thing you may have never associated with you septic system or septic tank is your laundry. Remember, all water that leaves your house enters your septic system. So, here at Firehouse Septic, we recommend you spread your laundry out throughout the week. Don’t try to do all your loads in one day because that can put a lot of strain on your drainfield. Also, on days where there is a lot of rain, we suggest to keep your laundry to a minimum to avoid backing up. The drainfield can feel a lot of strain on days where there is a lot of rain, so try to keep any extra water in the system to as little as possible. But, if you do end up in a Septic Emergency, call Firehouse Septic and we will be happy to help!

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