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Children and Septic Tanks

Children and Septic Tanks

Children can be very taxing on a Septic Tank or Septic System. Since children usually do not know that their house is on septic or how it works they do not properly maintain their system. It is extremely common for children to use an excess of toilet paper, use an excess of water, or even flush items that do not belong in a Septic System. When children flush excessive toilet paper the chance of backing up the Septic Tank and needing an emergency Septic Pump are greatly increased. The toilet paper will all clog together at the inlet baffle and stop up the Septic System.

Every Septic Tank and Septic System in the world is specifically designed to handle the appropriate amount of water that is designed for the system. For example each tank is appropriately sized for the number of bathrooms in the home and the length of field lines is designed for the amount of water usage anticipated in the home. If children take extremely long showers, leave sinks running, or flush toilets often, they can increase the water usage significantly and overload a septic tank and septic system.

Children are also known to flush items that are not designed for any Septic System or Septic Tank. During the beginning of October it is common to find numerous candy rappers that children have flushed in order to hide them from their parents. This will clog up a Septic System and Septic Tank quickly. Children are also known to flush all kinds of toys down a toilet. These items find their way into the plumbing an if they do not clog up the pipe they are almost guaranteed to clog up the Septic Tank and back up your Septic System.

If you have young children using your Septic System you are pretty much guaranteed to have a Septic Backup at some time. Calling Firehouse Septic for routine maintenance on your Septic System can prevent a serious problem in the future. A little bit of planning can be worth its weight in gold.

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